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How The Band Came Together

With all the energy of a rock band and all the soul and feeling of a singer-songwriter, the catchy retro-pop tunes of Alexxis and The Medicine takes you on a ride of adventure, friendship, triumph, trouble-making fun, and heartbreak. This is what you get when American songwriting royalty like Eric Bazilian finds his new muse— a young singer-songwriter  from Philadelphia named Alexis Cunningham. Bazilian is known not only for his success with his band ‘The Hooters’ in the mid 1980s but is also responsible for hits like “One of Us” made famous by Joan Osbourne.
After years of writing, recording and touring together, Eric and Alexis met Slovenian producer, Martin Stibernik. With his intuitive musical sensibilities, Martin brought definition and power to the songs, and suddenly, Alexxis and The Medicine had found its sound. ‘The Medicine’ will be the first single off the album, injecting a positive perspective on finding each other again in a world of separation and isolation. “Love and understanding is the medicine. Togetherness is the medicine. Laughter and dancing is the medicine. The music is the medicine.” Ready to get lost in their dreamy world of wonder? Welcome to Alexxis and The Medicine.



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