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Alexis Cunningham

Rooted in rock; bathing in retro with a twist, Alexis Cunningham’s music is all about changing your perspective from negative to positive. Most recently Alexis appeared on NBC’s American Song Contest performing her original music alongside artists like Allen Stone, Macy Gray, and Jewel. 

Her music incorporates elements of progressive pop, psychedelic, folk, soul, funk and indie rock. 

"Beautiful record. I love the pace, the energy, and the direction she goes with her vocals. Sounds like a hit record if you ask me."   

- Snoop Dogg

"One of the best songwriter's of this generation. She lights up the stage."

- Eric Bazilian

("The Hooters" and writer of Joan Osbourne's song 'One Of Us')

"The depth and quality of her voice and songs is what will keep people coming back to her music again and again."

- Danny Black

(Good Old War)

Working On A Miracle (As Seen On NBC)



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