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Alexis Cunningham

Alexis Cunningham got her start on Youtube; writing songs on her acoustic guitar, she got a lucky break and signed her first development deal at age 19 to a small independent label in Southern, NJ. Later, at age 21 recorded her next EP at Universal Studios California with touring musician and producer, Robin DiMaggio. At age 22, she wrote and recorded a folk album with Eric Bazilian (The HOOTERS and writer of 'One of Us' by Joan Osborne) and toured Sweden, where they performed and interviewed on various national television programs. 

She since wrote and performed in a punk/pop band in Philadelphia “The Sugar Pops” but most recently has written a new indie/pop/rock album produced by Eric Bazilian and the Slovenian "Mistermarsh" (Martin Stibernik) and has an album set to release in 2022. You can get the first single "The Medicine" now wherever you stream or buy your music.

Alexis appeared on the first season of NBC's American Song Contest - starring in the 4th episode along side talent like Allen Stone. Her latest single "Working on a Miracle" debuted on NBC April 11th and is now available worldwide.



Working On A Miracle



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